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Clematis in a Southern Garden are right up there with Caladiums in my opinion. They are a statement of grace and elegance, a must have for a true garden lover. Get the care of each grouping down and you'll be basking in blooms for many seasons.

There are 3 distinct groups that will help you organize your gardening tasks for tremendous reward.

Group 1: Flowers only on old wood. Early flowering clematis do not need pruning as they bloom on the previous years growth. Damaged stems can be removed after the flowering season is complete.

Group 2: Flowers on both old and new wood. The only pruning should be removing of deadwood in early spring just after the new leafbuds have opened. This gives you a clear view of what needs to be removed. Pruning any more than the dead wood will result in a loss of flowering for the season.

Group 3: Flowers only on new wood and can be cut to the ground in fall or spring.
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