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Cinched Pot

The Cinched Pot has a vertical ribbed texture that reaches upward to the cinched throat and a smooth opening at the mouth of the container. The glazing really shows off the texture of the ribs and shape of the piece.

These are excellent in clusters or use them as stand alone pieces in your patio, sun porch or kitchen garden. They are not overly large and will fit nicely into small spaces.
$24.00 SmallOcean Green (8"W x 8"H)
$57.00 MediumOcean Green (12"W x 11"H)
$110.00 LargeOcean Green (15"W x 15"H)
$164.00 X-LargeOcean Green (20"W x 19"H)
Cinched Pot

Sizes and Colors may vary slightly due to the handmade craft of these items.

Cinched Pot - Ocean Green