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Low Cylindrical Pot

The Low Cylindrical Pot is another set that we would highly recommend for beginning gardeners or for those that need something special for small spaces. The shape is more contemporary and sleek, serving as a supporting role to a cast of beautiful plants in the lead.

Because of the size, you can also easily rearrange your display any time as they are easier to move. This gives you the flexibility to change things up for special events or just a gardeners whim.

Also available in a wide range of colors including: Orange, Yellow, Falling Aqua, Lavish Red, Green Sage
$24.00 Small Falling Aqua (9"W x 9"H)
$56.00 Medium Falling Aqua (11"W x 11"H)
$109.00 Large Falling Aqua (15"W x 15"H)
$163.00 X-Large Falling Aqua (19"W x 19"H)
Low Cylindrical Pot

Low Cylindrical Pot - Falling Aqua

Low Cylindrical Pot - Falling Blue