Euphorbia Perennial

Ascot Rainbow

Euphorbia is an outstanding perennial to use as a winter companion plant with pansies, violas and panolas. The narrow sage green leaves have a vivid cream to yellow margin that compliments bold colors. Use in containers and landscape beds and add a unique texture to your flower displays.
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Ascot Rainbow
  • Planting + Care

Size & Spacing

  • Bed Spacing: 12"
  • Container Spacing: 8"
  • Mature Width: 14-20"
  • Mature Height: 14-20"

Planting Type

  • Good for Containers
  • Mid
  • Tall
  • Accent


  • Early Spring
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter


  • Perennial


  • Full Sun
  • Partial Sun

Water Requirements

  • Normal
  • Low *

Resistant to

  • Deer
  • Rabbits

Growth Characteristics:
Ascot Rainbow is a somewhat slower growing perennial with low to moderate water needs but it makes for a tough plant that is a real survivor.

* Low Water Requirement:
After this plant is well established, it has a lower than average water requirement. A good layer of mulch will also help reduce water needs.