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High Cana

The High Cana Pot is a most attractive shape and size for many applications. The glaze is so beautiful it draws you in to touch it almost immediately. Once you feel the fine quality in the finish and the substantial nature of this container you will certainly appreciate the craftsmanship that went into making this piece of art.

This is our favorite piece because it plants beautifully with plenty of space for great combinations in each size. The colors from Falling Aqua to the Matte Black make a statement where ever they are placed. Simply beautiful.

Le Beau, Modern Glazed Earthenware is a premium quality line of containers imported from Vietnam where they are carefully hand made by master craftsmen, dating back many generations. An investment in a Le Beau Container is an investment in the beauty and strength of their quality work which should be considered a heritage piece that can be passed to generations throughout your family.

Le Beau containers are frost proof, large, heavy pieces that are substantial. There are a variety of shapes and sizes both Classic and Contemporary to fit any lifestyle design you may have. The colors are rich and deep, with a beautiful glossy finish that maintains its color for life. They are able to withstand temperature changes and once you place a Le Beau container in your landscape or patio area you can leave it there year round.

Le Beau containers are simply the best quality for life.
$44.00 Small Falling Aqua
$44.00 Small Matte Black
$100.00 Medium Falling Aqua
$100.00 Medium Matte Black
$193.00 Large Falling Aqua
$193.00 Large Matte Black
$287.00 X-Large Falling Aqua
$287.00 X-Large Matte Black
High Cana

Sizes and Colors may vary slightly due to the handmade craft of these items.

High Cana Glazed Containers Color: Falling Aqua