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Tall Garden Pot

The Tall Garden Pot is a great size for a beginner set or one for small spaces. It has good size to make lovely plant combinations and the colors are great. The extra bonus is the individual units themselves are small enough that it's easy to rearrange them any time you like.

The Old Greek Natural finish on this container has unique texture and adds age (and a little wisdom) to the feel of this set. Any color naturally looks great on this finish which makes it easy to choose whatever strikes your fancy.

Also available in 4 additional glossy colors: Sapphire Blue, Aqua Green, Marine Green and White.
$45.00 SmallOld Greek-Natural
$45.00 Small Sapphire Blue
$100.00 MediumOld Greek-Natural
$100.00 Medium Sapphire Blue
$178.00 LargeOld Greek-Natural
$178.00 Large Sapphire Blue
Tall Garden Pot

Tall Garden Pot - Old Greek Natural

Tall Garden Pot - Sapphire Blue