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JN Organic Garden Soil

Just Natural Organic Garden Soil is an all-natural blend of Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, processed pine bark fines and composted forest products that makes a great soil amendment for vegetable gardens, fruits, flowers and herb gardens. It will help loosen and aerate dense, clay soils in our region or improve moisture management in sandy areas.

We recommend blending this product with Metro Mix 830 at a 1:1 ratio for about every 36 square feet of bed space. Ideally, you will have to get your hands in the dirt and make decisions on the quality of the soil in your planting area to determine the best ratio for your situation. You could also add in addition/or in place of the Organic Garden Soil a bag of the JN Mushroom Compost along with the Metro Mix 830 as an amendment. Either way, we have great products for you to determine what is best for your environment.
$6.50 each
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JN Organic Garden Soil