We are working in that period of unpredictable spring weather where you can’t decide if you really need that jacket to loading on the layers. February, March and April in the south can throw out everything from snow and ice, hail, high winds, thunder storms and tornadoes. Your winter flowers are trying to flush with […]

Collards are a great winter accent for containers or landscape beds.

This has been a brutal winter on our seasonal color this year and we have heard more comments about accents like kales, cabbages and snapdragons that are struggling with the snow and ice. Consider using Collards for an accent that is tough as nails. The proof is in this photo shot after two winter events […]

The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling

If you missed the Open House this year you missed a great opportunity for Leadership Development. Chris Holdorf really inspired us all to look at our businesses and marketing in a much different light. Storytelling – a way to engage and connect with your audience and to inspire enthusiasm in your team. Take a step […]

Thrill Fill Spill

Thrill * Fill * Spill is an easy way to design eye-catching seasonal color beds.  Scroll down for more some of our favorite combinations. Thrill Fill Spill Alocasia Begonia Angelmist Angelonia Banana Brazilian Red Hots Cuban Oregano Caladium Coleus Duranta Canna Euphorbia Ipomea Vine Caladium Impatiens Petunia Cleome Lantana Scaevola Coleus Rudbeckia Setcreasea Colocasia Salvia […]

Color Wheel

Points to remember: Plant in large blocks of color. Keep it simple. You’ll achieve greater impact. Avoid mixing too many colors. It will look choppy or confusing and you will lose the impact. Complementary colors are two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. When used together they appear brighter or more […]