Evolvulus Blue My Mind

Evolvulus is a staple plant that works well in most all designs that we create. The vibrant blue color works well as a balancing point between bold complimentary choices, as well as an effective color choice on its own as the center of attention. Its silvery-green foliage also helps soften bold colors into more appealing visuals, while adding unique dimension to the design being fulfilled.

Currently, we grow the Proven Winner Evolvulus named Blue My Mind. It’s low maintenance and growth habits make it a solid choice for both landscape beds and containers alike with an emphasis on filling in spaces as well as bordering.

Planting and care specifics about Evolvulus can be found here. Generally though, Evolvulus is a simple and hardy plant for the summer. It enjoys the heat and requires low watering after it is established in a planting space. Which promotes overall good plant health as well as future bloom power throughout the summer.