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Beacon Mix
Beacon Red Bright
Beacon Violet Shades
Beacon White
Impatiens Glimmer Dbl Appleblossom
Glimmer Dbl Appleblossom
Impatiens Glimmer Dbl Burgundy
Glimmer Dbl Burgundy
Glimmer Dbl Pink Hot
Impatiens Glimmer Dbl Red Bright
Glimmer Dbl Red Bright
Impatiens Glimmer Dbl Salmon
Glimmer Dbl Salmon
Glimmer Double White
Imara Red Star
Imara Rosy Mix
SolarScape Voodoo Mix
Impatiens SunPatiens Compact Classic White
SunPatiens Compact Classic White
Impatiens SunPatiens Compact Coral Hot
SunPatiens Compact Coral Hot
Impatiens SunPatiens Compact Coral Pink
SunPatiens Compact Coral Pink
Impatiens SunPatiens Compact Lilac
SunPatiens Compact Lilac
Impatiens SunPatiens Compact Orange
SunPatiens Compact Orange
Impatiens SunPatiens Compact Orange Electric
SunPatiens Compact Orange Electric
Impatiens SunPatiens Compact Orchid Blush
SunPatiens Compact Orchid Blush
Impatiens SunPatiens Compact Pink Blush
SunPatiens Compact Pink Blush
SunPatiens Compact Pink Hot
Impatiens SunPatiens Compact Purple
SunPatiens Compact Purple
SunPatiens Compact Purple Candy
SunPatiens Compact Red Candy
SunPatiens Compact Red Deep
Impatiens SunPatiens Compact Rose Deep
SunPatiens Compact Rose Deep
Impatiens SunPatiens Compact Tropical Rose
SunPatiens Compact Tropical Rose
Impatiens SunPatiens Vigorous Tropical Orange
SunPatiens Vigorous Tropical Orange
Ipomoea Blackie
Sidekick Black Heart
Sidekick Lime Heart
Sidekick Lime Improved
Spotlight Black
Spotlight Black Heart
Spotlight Lime Green
Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Bewitched After Midnight
Sweet Caroline Bewitched After Midnight
Sweet Caroline Mahogany
Sweet Caroline Medusa Green
Sweet Caroline Red Hawk
Lantana Bandito Orange Sunrise
Bandito Orange Sunrise
Lantana Bandito Rose
Bandito Rose
Lantana Hot Blooded
Hot Blooded
Lantana Little Lucky Pink Hot
Little Lucky Pink Hot
Lantana Little Lucky Pot of Gold
Little Lucky Pot of Gold
Lantana Little Lucky Red
Little Lucky Red
Lantana Little Lucky White
Little Lucky White
Lantana Lucky Flame
Lucky Flame
Lantana Lucky Lavender
Lucky Lavender
Lucky Pink
Lantana Lucky Pot of Gold
Lucky Pot of Gold
Lucky Red
Lantana Lucky Sunrise Rose
Lucky Sunrise Rose
Lantana Lucky White
Lucky White
Luscious Basket Tangelo
Lantana Luscious Grape
Luscious Grape
Lantana Luscious Royale Cosmo
Luscious Royale Cosmo
Luscious Royale Lemon Tart
Luscious Royale Red Zone
Shamrock Butterscotch Glow
Shamrock Orange Flame
Phenomenal French
stoechas Primavera
Lobelia Waterfall Blue
Waterfall Blue
Waterfall Purple
Lysimachia Goldilocks
Lysimachia Waikiki Sunset
Waikiki Sunset
Durango Mix
Little Sunshine
Mulch JN Organic Soil Conditioner
JN Organic Soil Conditioner
Dark Towers
Lucky Star Lipstick
Lucky Star Violet
Sunstar Lavender
Sunstar Red
Sunstar Rose
Itsy Magenta
Itsy Pink
Itsy White
Petunia Supertunia Black Cherry
Supertunia Black Cherry
Petunia Supertunia Bordeaux
Supertunia Bordeaux
Supertunia Hoopla Vivid Orchid
Petunia Supertunia Lovie Dovie
Supertunia Lovie Dovie
Petunia Supertunia Mini Vista Indigo
Supertunia Mini Vista Indigo
Supertunia Mini Vista Pink Star
Supertunia Mini Vista Scarlet
Supertunia Picasso in Purple
Petunia Supertunia Rose Vein
Supertunia Rose Vein
Supertunia Royal Magenta
Petunia Supertunia Royal Velvet
Supertunia Royal Velvet
Petunia Supertunia Vista Bubblegum
Supertunia Vista Bubblegum
Petunia Supertunia Vista Fuchsia
Supertunia Vista Fuchsia
Petunia Supertunia Vista Jazzberry
Supertunia Vista Jazzberry
Petunia Supertunia Vista Silverberry
Supertunia Vista Silverberry
Sweet Sunshine Blueberry Vein
All The Hoopla
BIG BL Red-Caladium Combo
Planted Containers Bordeaux Ipomoea Mix
Bordeaux Ipomoea Mix

Flintwood Farms is a wholesale grower and supplier of seasonal color plant products intended solely for use within the "green" industry. In general, we sell exclusively to properly licensed landscapers, retail garden outlets and large public and private gardens.