Planting the Spring Crop

Receiving Plants

The bulk of our crop is annual color that we transplant into various sizes to finish for Landscape Professionals and Home Owners alike. To get an idea of what goes on behind the scenes, we thought you might like to see a little of the process we go through to produce quality, healthy plants for you.

We source in Caladium bulbs as well as annual and perennial plugs/liners that begin arriving in mid-February.  This is what some of the liners look like as we begin planting our crop.  Each tray can contain from 32 to 288 plants depending on the size we have ordered.  The plants you see pictured above will be transplanted and finished for the upcoming Spring/Summer season.

Planting Our Spring Crop

Added to the quality plants is a bit of personality from our crew. It’s a fast paced crop with lots of variety to keep up with but, enjoying the process is the key to getting it all done.  We plant a weekly rotation from mid-February through mid-April to have a continuous supply of fresh plants throughout the Spring season.

Keeping It Warm and Growing

We are currently heating our greenhouses where we grow all of our product on the floor.  The greenhouses fill up quickly as we move through the transplant process to growing.  Before you know, we will be loading trucks and shipping our product throughout Georgia and Alabama.  We welcome you to visit and let us help you grow.