Cool Wave Pansies


The Best Trailing Pansy You Can Buy

Many thanks to the breeders of Wave Petunias for developing a Pansy that trails and provides Fall, Winter and Early Spring color for our Southern Region. If you have a container, hanging basket or window box to plant, you will certainly want this gem of a plant. We have had great success with the Cool Wave Series and love the bold color tumbling out of our containers. The maintenance is minimal, a little deadheading as you pass your containers weekly and an extra boost of fertilizer in the active growing months about every two weeks. If you’re like me, you’ll want to pick the spent blooms as you have time when passing your containers. The gardener in me can’t keep my hands off these plants and the more I enjoy spending a little time de-stressing with them the better they reward me with their brilliance. Cool Wave Pansies thrive in full sun conditions and will reward you with a bounty of beautiful blooms.

What to Plant for Fabulous Fall Containers

For fabulous containers, plant a trio of Cool Wave Pansies, a strong upright thriller for you centerpiece like Ascot Rainbow Euphorbia, Color Guard Yucca, Snapdragons or Kales. Fill in with a few extra Pansies or Violas and you have a container with Fall and Winter interest. Combinations can be bright and vivid or offer a softer touch depending on your plant choices. There are so many options to pair with the Cool Wave you just need to let your imagination fly.

Pansy Trailing Cool Wave Golden Yellow

Cool Wave Golden Yellow

Pansy Trailing Cool Wave Violet Wing

Cool Wave Violet Wing

Pansy Cool Wave Blueberry Swirl

Cool Wave Blueberry Swirl