Angelonia is one of our best selling plants throughout the spring season. It does well in the heat when monitored and watered correctly, and keeps its bloom power going throughout the summer. We carry it in a multitude of colors as well as varieties which compliment any kind of design being created in both landscape beds or containers alike.

The three types of Angelonia that we carry are: Archangel, Angelmist, and Serenita.

  • Archangel – is a variety that is characterized by full and study branching within the plant. It has a uniform growth habit that truly thrives in the heat and humidity/drought that is typical of summer. More information about Archangel Angelonia can be found here.
  • Angelmist – is another variety that is a spreading, low growing Angelonia that loves the hot and humid conditions of the summer. It is a great filler for spaces in full sun whether that is a container, flower bed, or another beautifying area. Find more information about Angelmist Angelonia here.
  • Serenita – is the last variety that we grow, and is characterized by compact and voluminous growth that is structured and uniform. It is great for both landscape beds and containers alike due to its compact size allowing it to be used in multiple ways determined by the design being implemented. More information about Serenita Angelonia can be found here.

Angelonia is a tough plant that thrives in the heat of the summer. It can be used in multiple different areas from filling out a container, being the supporting plant for a center piece, or actually being a center piece itself. Angelonia is a great plant for all types of uses and designs as it turns out with lots of bloom power during the spring season.